The Fae's Sacred Bath Teas - Spell #1 to #6

The Fae has been known around the world for over 25 years and has been a leader in merging spirituality with metaphysics and science bringing a new awareness to universal energy and how it works. Here you can find her scared bath teas...each an individual spell that you do in your own tub(or a bucket of warm water for your feet in a pinch) She teaches classes in Airdrie on each spell which empowers you and leads you to find your own path to true inner peace and happiness. The Sacred Baths should always be done in order as one without the others will not allow you to step fully into the teaching and without the teaching the energy that is truly yours is not understood and thus not is not yet about the is about the journey:

1- It's All in the Name - a spell to protect you on your journey of awakening.

2- Awakening of the Lotus - a spell to awaken you to your own intuitive gifts.

3- Take Back My Power - a spell to remove energetic attachments to that which no longer           serves your highest good.

4- Connecting to Your Life's Purpose - a spell to reconnect your inner spirit with what you are     here to accomplish.

5- Walk Your Talk - a spell to dispel the excuses you continue to give yourself for stepping      into who you are and what you truly want to be in this human life.

6- World of Abundance - a spell to bring about true happiness and abundance in your life.